Rehearsal for Feb 14

Don’t Knock - score & lyrics below

What He’s Done For Me - score & new lyric sheet below

The Lord is My Shepherd - a new old one. It’s below too.

Jesus is Real - want to solo on that one?

Steal Away

…Upcoming: we are singing at Galilee Church on Sunday, March 3rd

Want to solo? Never soloed before but want to try? Up for grabs are I Came to Jesus, Don’t Knock, Jesus is Real and Grateful (several). Let me know. I’ll try to have a soloing workshop in February. Since we have several upcoming gigs, we may have different people do the songs for the different gigs, and/or have more than one person on a song.

Songs for Prayer Breakfast, Presby Fundraiser, Galilee, Oakland, Redwood Coast Fest (these are not set in stone)

*Scores and lyrics coming soon for some songs

The Lord is My Shepherd mp3 : score : lyric

Great is the Lord mp3 : score : lyric

Don’t Knock mp3 : score : lyric : soloist sheet*

*note: the soloist sheet doesn’t have the VAMP - that’s on the lyric sheet

Jesus is Real mp3 : score : lyric : solo part

Blessed mp3 : score : lyric

Grateful mp3 : score : lyric

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord mp3 : score : lyric

I Came to Jesus mp3 : score : lyric

Steal Away : mp3 : Score : Lyrics

He Made the Difference : mp3  :  Score  :  Lyrics

What He’s Done For Me (a new one) : mp3 : score : lyric

Ride on King Jesus mp3 : score : lyric

Check out this video of Ride On King Jesus (start at about 0:43)

Pass Me Not mp3 : score : lyric

Songs for Christmas 2018

**Note that there new songs: Joy and Go Tell It. There are choir parts below for Away in a Manger and Hark

Away in a Manger mp3 : score : lyric : trio : piano mp3 for trio

Away in a Manger parts (choir): alto : bass : soprano : tenor

Go Tell It mp3 : score : lyric

Hark! mp3 : score : lyric

Hark! parts: alto : bass : soprano : tenor

Joy mp3 : score : lyric

Joyful Joyful mp3 : score : lyric : RAP solo

Pretty Little Boy mp3 : score : lyric

Rejoice mp3 : score : lyric

Silent Night mp3 : score : lyric : score with rests

Silent Night Parts: alto : bass: soprano: tenor

We Three Kings mp3 : score : lyric

What Child is This (won’t be exactly like the mp3, but it will give you an idea) mp3 : score : lyric (these are coming soon)

  • The best thing you can do to learn the songs is download and listen to them and sing along, so please do this before each rehearsal. (Links to mp3s are below, and there are instructions on this page.) If you read music and can go over your part, even better, as you'll be able to help others. Don't stress about learning the music though. Just listen and enjoy.

  • Lyric sheets and scores are also here. The scores are provided to give the notes of a song.  Lyric sheets give the words and arrangement of the songs. If you can, please download lyrics and music, print your own copy, and bring to choir.

  • Read How to Download and Use AIGC Songs.