• Recordings, lyric sheets and scores are provided as aids to learning the music. Gospel music is spirit-led and will very often deviate from these forms. Gospel choirs do not hold music while singing and instead must memorize music and follow the director.

  • The scores are provided to give the notes of a song.  Lyric sheets give the words and arrangement of the songs.

  • Using recordings and part recordings while practicing at home will help choir members learn music faster. Follow these directions to learn how to use the recordings to help your learning… How to Download and Use AIGC Songs

  • There is no replacement for practice.  Practice your music as often as you can.

Performance Set Lists

Songs for Brothers United (so far - alphabetical order)

1. Always There (Edwin Hawkins)
2. Heaven Help Us All (Stevie Wonder)
3. Hold On Jus a Little While Longer (spiritual)
4. None of Us Are Free (Solomon Burke)
5. Oh My Brother, Be Encouraged (Hezekiah Walker)
6. Stomp (Kirk Franklin)
7. This Old Soul of Mine (traditional)

Heaven Help Us All
Heaven Help Us All S
Heaven Help Us All A
Heaven Help Us All T
Heaven Help Us All B
Heaven Help Us All lyric
Heaven Help Us All score

Heaven Help Us All band chart