The Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir is a community choir whose membership varies between 60 to 80 members. Seasonally, we do have room for new members.

For more information contact Louis or Halimah and include your name, address, telephone number and email address. They will let you know what to do next.

For information about the AIGC Youth Choir, contact the director, Lorenza.

  • When are auditions held?
    • Auditions are held at the beginning of September and again at the beginning of January as determined by the Musical Director. They are held after the first two rehearsals at the beginning of our 9 month season.
  • What does the audition consist of?
    • You will be asked to sing scales and intervals, which will first be played for you by our accompanist. This is to measure your vocal range and ability to hear intervals. You will also be asked to sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" whith provided lyrics.
  • Is experience necessary?
    • AIGC is a volunteer community choir with high standards and though experience is desirable, it is not necessary. The Director is looking for a certain degree of skill, good voices that blend as a choir and commitment to the Mission of the Choir. (Please see the About Us page)
  • Do I have to read music?
    • It is not necessary to read music as the AIGC songs is taught by ear. AIGC has scores for our music provided in the Members Area of the AIGC website.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    • Because most of our music is taught by ear, a recording device is helpful.
  • What kinds of songs does the Choir sing?
    • We sing traditional, contemporary and original Black Gospel Music as well as Spirituals, gospelized Christmas songs, peace and freedom music, and songs of encouragement.
  • How often does the Choir rehearse?
    • We rehearse every Thursday night from 7-9 pm, except for 3 weeks over the Christmas break and during our summer break from mid-May through August. During the summer, some members have performed in plays, for festivals or other special events. Participation is optional.
  • How often does the Choir sing?
    • The choir performs about 12 - 15 times a year at community events, church services, benefits, our annual Harvest Concert, Winter/Christmas Celebration, and Prayer Breakfast/Spring Concert.
  • Is there a membership cost?
    • To pay our expenses for staff, band, rentals, insurance, etc., our dues are $200 per year or $100 per semester. We also have choir robes made locally which each member pays for.